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(Authors notes: So I wrote a Fan-Fiction, Nothing Crazy or any shipping of the sort, just what you might call a fan episode...They again anything involving Fan-Fiction still tends to be some form of crazy. Anyway am just trying something new. I'll go into more detail in the description, Don' t want to read it, fine no one's making you. I'll try to get On A Road To Nowhere 16 out sometime soon. Enjoy...Oh and the A.B.F.F stands for Another Bad Fan Fiction)

It had been a week since Peridot had joined the Crystal Gem and they had yet to test the drill. This was due to the fact they had yet to find ground that they would not have to worry about collapsing, as any ground that a Human might walk upon by accident could destabilize the area. Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet were going over possible locations to test the drill, while Peridot and Steven were in the barn watching something his phone.

“I don’t get it.” Said Peridot at her confusion at the show Called Dogcopter: Dog for hire. that was adapted from a book to a movie and quite recently adapted to a TV show.

“Nothing to get, it’s just a Dog whose also part helicopter and a detective.” Replied Steven

“I don’t know, the writing needs work and you can see the strings on…Dog is it, most of the time.” Said Peridot.

“Connie keeps telling me the book is better.” Replied Steven

“What’s a book? Also Speaking of this Connie, when are you gong to introduce us?” Asked Peridot.

Steven was slightly hesitant towards Peridot and Connie meeting as the last time Peridot met another human, she pushed his father off a roof. So he answered the first question.

“Actually, I just remembered Connie gave me one of the books about Dogcopter, Dogcopter: Every Dog Has His Day.” Said Steven as he pulled out a book from his hotdog duffle bag.

“What’s it about?” Asked Peridot.


“Steven, Peridot” Steven was then interrupted by Garnet who came into the barn.

“What is it? Did you find a spot to try the drill?” Asked Steven

“Nope, got a mission.”

Next thing we know were on a tree-covered hill, with a great many mountains in the background. Garnet is in the front, followed by Perl, Amethyst, Steven, who’s now wearing his pink jacket and Peridot in behind.

“I probably should have asked back at the barn but, isn’t the Cluster more important then this aperient danger to the Humans?” Asked Peridot as they went up the hill.

“It would be, but the place where were going to is a little too close to a small town, so we need to take care of it before any Humans try to enter the place.”  Replied Perl.

“And this place being-” Amethyst was about to ask where they were heading to, but was interrupted by Garnet


they emerged from the trees to see an old temple door built into the side of the mountain.

Theres some steps before the door, which is round with a lot home world architecture carved into it.

The group approached the door and Amethyst attempted to open the door by physically moving it, but to no avail, Steven looked around the door for something that would activate the door while Perl and Peridot stood there for a moment trying to think of how it could be opened. Garnet stood there for a moment, then walked up to the door, gestures Amethyst to move, push’s a couple crystals in the door and it opens.

“How did you?” Asked a baffled Peridot.

“Future Vision.” Said Garnet as she gestured her right hand.

“Uhhhhhhhh, Alright.” Replied Peridot, who admittedly only heard rumors about the so-called “future vision” on Home-World in reports that she would read from time to time. She would have of questioned this further, but they had a task at hand.

The group moved into the temple and as they did the door closed behind them, everyone panicked a little, but Garnet managed to calm everyone down, stating that it was just normal for it to close automatically. What she did not see coming was a loud bang coming outside that sounded a lot like something the entering the atmosphere, everyone looked up in worry.

“Might have just been some of jet's.” Said Steven as they did see some jets flying by earlier.

So they continued down the rather large, long and empty room, it has several statues on the sides of the room along with a lot of home-world wall cravings, which had enough width for the whole group to walk down horizontal. and at the end of very long and large room, There’s a pedestal with a small idol atop it. The idol is gold with a woman standing atop a round base while holding an odd type of gem.

“Did we really just come out here for this rock.” Said Peridot as they approached the Idol.

“Well, it looks pretty.” Said Steven as Amethyst nodded in agreement.

“Looks aren’t important to this matter, that thing literarily does nothing.” Replied Peridot

“I don’t know about that pointless part; it might have some properties that are un-aperient.” Said Perl.

Garnet got closer to the idol and was about to grab it when.


Everyone stopped what they were doing at the sound knock, they looked at Amethyst, who may have just tapped on one of the statues, but she was just as alert as they were.

“Did you really just knock?” said someone behind the door as everyone looked to it.

“Well, you never know if someone is still living in these places. Said someone else behind the door.

“Were in the middle of nowhere, who’s going to be living here?” Said the first one.

“Rogues, Dormant gems, Hobos?” Said the second one.

“That was one time and even then that ruin was near- Um Chrysoberyl what are doing?”

Said the second one as the Gems took this as sign to hide, mostly everyone hid behind a statue, the only one who didn’t was Amethyst who took the form of one of the statues that had fallen backwards. The group’s paranoia was justified as the door exploded open. The floor tiles in front of the statues flickered quickly with a purple light then stopped.

Out of the cloud came a double-barreled cannon with some sort of laser sight, then the rest of the person came out of the cloud. From the view that the Gems could get, they could tell the person in question that had the weapon, seems to be bright green gem of some sort. They could tell that she was a gem mainly because her left eye was her gem, it being in the shape of a kite, it being at upward an angle and like mentioned before it is placed where her left eye would be, her only eye has a green iris. She also seems to have a large number of what seem to be Enhancers, the limb enhancers being bright purple with some hints of dark green. There very bulky looking even for her, noting the size of the limb enhancers, she has three fingers that are rather thick, about as thick as a pipe, with one other set of digits that act as a bending point. Her leg Enhancers have two toes and an oversized heel that look like a bird’s foot. Her chest looks like a normal gem grub, with some large shoulder guards. On her back there seems to be a set of odd looking tringle wings and atop her head there seems to another set of wings but much smaller, speaking of her head, she has a side-cut hair style, while the lower half of her head is covered in a face mask.

As the green gem came out, a second gem followed. but was halted by the green gem, who said:


Just then a triangle scope appeared on her gem, it then changes a couple of shades of color and stopped at purple, then marked the certain floor tiles with red dots.  

“Alright, come in, just don’t step on the tiles with the dots.”

With her in frame, they could tell that the green gem is taller. Along with being a head shorter, she is pear shaped, As in wide in the hips and thighs and narrow in the chest. She is also white, like stock white. Her hair looks like chocolate and white chocolate swirl and is rather bouncy looking, eyes that are peach, rosy cheeks and an undeniable smirk are for certain on this woman. She’s wearing a short-sleeved peach leotard with a light brown V shape going up to what might call her breasts, with holes at the tops of her hips. Speaking of her hips, she has a hip skirt just below the hip holes, her Gem is on her right knee, which is just above some sheen guards and below that there are some toeless shoes.

“you know Chrysoberyl that was a little much.” Said the white gem as someone else entered.

First it was just a right hand grabbing the edge of the round door as a lime coloured dome started to appear, then a fist much larger than the one grabbing the door followed the rest of the body of this large gem came through the door hunched over, as it did, one could really tell how large this Gem was, as it towered over both the white and green gem, it must have been ten feet tall.

As mentioned before: It has a dome-like helm covering most of its head and stopping at its jaw line, which is weird as it doesn’t have a mouth, as it seems to be replaced with its gem which is yellow, as well as it’s skin while most of its clothing lime green and olive green. It is wide shouldered with really bulky looking shoulder pads, its arms are meaty looking but at the same time are just as muscular, the hands are gloved with a hexagon on each while there pointed bits that stretch out and cover the top part of its forearm. The torso has a belt going across the mid-section made out of ovals for some reason, it’s chest is rather thick and has a bit of armor.  Attached to the belt is a loincloth that covers both the front and back, a pair of shorts that go to its knees, where its boots began and like the gloves: the boots have a part that stretch’s upward, it stops around half way up its thigh the Legs are also rather big. The large fist mentioned before seems to be a part of a Large Maul that’s just as tall as it is, at the moment it is being held in it’s left arm.     

The one called Chrysoberyl shrugged at The white gem.

“(sigh.) Let’s just get that Idol.”  Said The Green Gem as she pointed towards the idol.   

The group watched as The three gems started to make their way through the temple, the green one floated over the tiles, as the wings on her back seem's to of have popped a small set of thrusters. The white one hopped over the marked tiles and Chrysoberyl tipped toed across the floor, making sure not to step on any of the marked floor tiles.

The group were hard pressed against the statue's, as they didn’t know if the three gems here, for all they knew there was a ship full of gems just waiting outside the temple.

“How did you not see this coming?” Whispered Peridot.

“Outside influence.” Whispered Garnet back to Peridot.

“What now?” Whispered Steven to Perl.

“We wait.”  Whispered Perl.

“What about Amethyst?”

“Uh oh.”

Just as they were talking about Amethyst, the green gem was about to pass Amethyst, and as she did, she did a double take of Amethyst as a statue.

“problem, Tish?“  asked the white gem as she looked back at the apparently named Tish.

“No.” replied Tish as she popped her scope back out.

“Just looking at something, keep going.” Said Tish, as her scope changed colors, then stopped at a shade of blue, it made everything blue in her vision, but Amethyst’s gem which came out orange. Tish then had her hand change back into the two-barrel cannon that she had early and was about to shoot Amethyst.

When out of nowhere, a fist came rocketing at her, she ducked just before it hit her, and it made impact the statues behind her.


This got the attention of the white gem and Chrysoberyl who got hit by debris where the fist landed.

Tish then looked to see who fired the fist and saw a Perl, a Peridot, an unrecognizable gem and what looked like a human.

Tish got rid of her scope, changed both of her hands into a triple barrel cannons and targeted the group who struck first.

Sadly, she had forgotten about Amethyst, as Amethyst spin-dashed Tish who went flying to more statues in the background.

The white gem then jumped into the air, as a pair of armored boots appeared on her feet that go up to her knees.

She struck Garnet, who had gotten her gauntlets out and blocked her.

Garnet then threw a right hook at the white gem who had landed and blocked the right hook with a left spin kick.

There was then a flurry punch’s and kicks between the two, as they started to move about.

Perl attempted to make a move on the idol but was blocked by Chrysoberyl, who activated one of the floor tiles which dropped a pillar of spikes from the ceiling, that Chrysoberyl upper cut it and it went flying to where the door was.

Perl drew her harpoon out and threw it at Chrysoberyl’s head, the harpoon didn’t hit Chrysoberyl’s head but it did take of it’s helmet off while whipping Chrysoberyl’s head back and the harpoon proceeded to get stuck in the ceiling. Chrysoberyl whipped it’s head back into position.

And without the helmet, Chrysoberyl seems to have four eyes and long poofy curly hair, that popped out the moment it’s helmet popped off. All four eyes of Chrysoberyl looked at Perl in rage.

“Oh don’t look at me like that.” Said Perl as she drew a second harpoon from her head and jumped into action.

Peridot nudged Steven, who looked at Peridot and said:

“This might be a good chance to grab the rock.” As she pointed towards the Idol, Steven nodded in agreement.

Steven and Peridot moved forward, but were stopped after Amethyst landed right in front of them, they turned to see Tish pointing her triple barrel cannons at them and started to fire at the two. Steven brought out his shield and blocked the plasma blasts.

“Uh Peridot, mind getting out your weapon.” Asked Steven.

“I don’t have one.” Replied Peridot. 


“If I had one, don’t you think I would have used it to escape from you guys a couple of months ago.”

“Good point, But-” Steven was interrupted by the stop of the cannon fire.

Tish changed here finger configuration, this time tossing the fingers on her left hand on to her right, they then formed a floppy line, she then began to twirl the whip like weapon downward and it started to form a cone, she began to move towards Steven and Peridot, while she did, the whip started to spark. Tish then striked the ground around Steven and Peridot twice before going for an overhand strike.

She then got Amethyst’s whip wrapped around her leg and got pulled down. Amethyst was about to dog pile Tish.

But Tish grabbed Amethyst with her leg enhancer toes. Tish was about to stomp Amethyst into pieces.

Then got bashed by Steven’s shield and went flying into more statues, but got up more quickly and tossed her left hand digits back onto her left hand, she proceeded to change them back into the three barreled cannon, then took flight and charged at Amethyst.

Meanwhile, Garnet was holding her ground against the white gem, when.

“Uh, Garnet.”

Garnet turned her head while holding off a roundhouse kick from The white gem, to see Perl dodging Chrysoberyl’s maul several times, before being pinned to the wall by the maul.

“Little help.” Said Perl.

Garnet then flipped the white gem as she charged at Chrysoberyl, upper cutting it, knocking it back and picking up Perl then tossing her at the white gem.

 who had bounced off the wall and did a back flip to do a drop kick on garnet, but instead ended deflecting Perl’s harpoon thrusts.

Garnet was now holding off Chrysoberyl maul then flung it back as she right hooked Chrysoberyl in the face followed It up with a left hook and repeated this two dozen time.

Chrysoberyl collapsed to its knees while using its maul as a crutch and looked down.

“you give up?” said Garnet as Chrysoberyl looked back, got back up and another set of arms appeared right under the first set of arms, the second set not having the gloves but instead some wristlets, next started to spin the maul around its body using all four of its arms and stopped in a pose as if it was about to throw its Maul like a spear.

“I’ll take that as no.”  said Garnet, as she ducked Chrysoberyl’s maul as it was swiped to the right which proceeded into a double overhanded smash.

Perl at the moment is dodging and blocking The white gem’s kicks.

Amethyst is on Tish’s back, Tish trying to get her off while flying about.

While Steven and Peridot are just about to grab the idol, seeing as neither of them were tall enough to reach the idol, Peridot stood on top of Steven’s shoulders and attempted to grab the idol.

Tish finally got Amethyst of her back and saw that Steven and Peridot were about to the grab the idol, then shouted


But it was too late Peridot had grabbed the Idol and while having her eyes closed confidently saying

“See, just a stupid rock, no properties, what, so-” Peridot stopped talking when she heard stones grinding, she opened her eyes and looked to the behind her to see a round base rising up.

During this, everybody had stopped fighting and looked at both Steven and Peridot, the temple shook a little as four slide doors up above slid open and four bowling ball sized red orbs dropped from them. Everyone, expect Steven who had no idea what the orbs were, panicked at the sight of the orbs.

“CATCH THEM!” Yelled The white gem as Chrysoberyl Hurried to grab the orbs, it grabbed the first one with it’s lower right arm, then the second with upper right arm, the third with it’s upper left arm and finally the forth with it’s lower left arm. Chrysoberyl now stood in the middle of the room.

“That, was close.” Said Perl.

Then the sound of something dislodging was heard, Chrysoberyl looked up to see Perl’s Harpoon descending from above with its helmet still impaled on it.

“OH, You have got to be kidding me!”  Said Perl.

The harpoon landed right into Chrysoberyl’s face. And just like that, It was poofed followed by a large cloud of smoke appeared and the four orbs were dropped.

The moment they touched the floor they merged with it and every crack, crevasse and cut in the floor glowed red as it collapsed.

Everyone then fell down the into the floor, as they did they saw multiple holes, Steven was then knocked out.


  -To Be Continued in part two-       

A.B.F.F: Steven Universe:The More The Merrier.
Sooooo, Why did I write this? Well, I had the idea bouncing around in my head for some time, I just lacked any real motivation to do it. So what kicked me into gear.

Well around the 20th of January :icondeer-head: was having laptop issues and was doing cheap sketch commissions to raise money to fix it or get a new one. Normally I don't really go for commissions as am normally quite broke and I am not a big fan of Sketches(despite having a sketch for a profile pic.), For once I wasn't broke and I had a thought: hey why not, what's the worst that could happen, besides I'd be supporting an artist who I admit has recently become quite high on my favorite artist list. So I commissioned a moderately sized commission. and when it was done and I got my first look...I was down right blown away, it may have just been me being all giddy over the fact that the three characters I had pictured in my head are now in some form of...Crap, What's the word, Ah forget I was happy with work and got me into the mood for writing this, Commissioned another piece, wasn't as happy, but it got my mind going on a better idea for what it could be and that, is just as good...God do I sound like a fanboy right now, So am just going to leave it here and get a start on...Well, the note at the beginning should state what am doing next.                 

Also congratulations for reading this far.                
World War 3000 bio: Bigby by fatman380
World War 3000 bio: Bigby
full name: Bigby Gull Moefo (Nick named: The One-Winged Owl, and just The Owl before he lost the arm.)
year of birth: 2350
Status: Ex-USF and hating Life
Abilities: Excellent marksmen, a commando of the highest calibre and is ambidextrous (even before he lost his arm.)  
Faults: Has quite the temper when he’s not behind a rifle and not much for being social.

Story: like many, Bigby was Born an orphan on the tenth anniversary of the war that took his parents. He had many parents until he was old enough to join the USF and during that time before he decided to join The USF, He practiced with a BB gun (That was the only thing that his parents had left him.) on that whatever he could find. His ambitions weren’t that high beyond living to the next day, so he was placed in to a Raider group were he surprisingly…made friends, he had been very introverted with most of the people he had met. Three out of the ten people that he worked with, named willow, Murdock and Leroy were the three that connected the most with Bigby as they too had lost their parents.
To everybody’s surprise, Bigby was awesome at his job, he made sure that nobody sneaked up on the group at night, killed most people before they knew he and his group were there, and his most well known achievement: the defence of Fort Kastellet, where he and his group held off a quarter of an Heinrich invasion force until reinforcements arrived. His group received many commendations and   congratulations for there brave defence of Fort Kastellet, Bigby on the other hand got a promotion to Master sergeant …Yes, that’s an actual rank, now shut up.
Sadly, there came a day when he faced down barrel and got his ass handed to him. Who was the man who handed him his ass? None other then Matthew Jefferson, how did this meeting of sharp shooters happen you might ask, through a rock and a hard place my good chum.

The Devil and The Owl:  Matt and his team were heading back to base on foot through a dried up river/harbor, when all of a sudden their heavy weapons guy got his head blown off, luckily for Matt the rest team they were near some very large boulders for them to hide behind. Matt tried to peek over the rock, but nearly got his head blown off, his squad tried the other side, but were met with several bullets. They decided to wait it out as they that their superiors would wonder what was taking them so long to get to base, and even if the guys holding them in this position were to come out of there position to kill them they would still have a chance of eliminating them. But then Matt heard a Rocket launcher firing then hitting a rocky surface along with rocks tumbling down something. He looked up to see rocks falling down upon him and his team, they managed to dodge the falling debris, they then heard someone on a megaphone saying:
“Alright, I believe you are royally screwed, and seeing as I have yet to see any flames am kind of disappointed in you Mr. White Eyed Devil.”
Matt then whipped his head in the direction of the man on the megaphone. we go over to where he is in one of the river/harbor buildings overlooking Matt and his team, there sits Bigby on a fold out chair with a sniper rifle, a table with a glass of water on the left and a launcher on the right with a crate of ammo. The rest of his team were ether hanging around their transportation and a couple of ATV’s or on the side of the building watching the other side of the Bolder.  
“Surprised, don’t be, this weren’t no chance meeting, this was planed pal, now, am going to give you a chance to ether you come out guns-A-blazing or me and team decide to rain more rocks on you, you got ten minutes.”
Matt and his team were stuck, ether they got killed by a hail of bullets or a down pour of rocks. Matt thought for a minute, then had an idea, he had one of his team mates remove any heavy equipment that might slow him down, charge out, grab the rocket launcher on there dead team mate and get a quick glance at where their friendly neighborhood sniper was. This was accomplished, but got a Bullet in the ass.
Bigby was a little confused at what the guy grabbed as he was to concentrated on the edge of the bolder to look at who he was or what he was carrying. And just as he was having that thought Matt popped with a rocket launcher. He didn’t hear what Matt said but:
“Hello there.”
Then fried the launcher. Bigby picked up his rifle and ran as fast as he could but still got caught in the blast wave and got flung out of the window. He got up and during this time some of his team had gotten around him. Slightly pissed at the moment, he told his guys get on there ATV’s while the pilot of there helicopter to prep. He mounted one the ATV’s with a machete craved from a Ignis Viper jaw and charged out with some of his men, while the rest of his men made sure that they well covered.
when they arrived they were closed to mowed down by Matt and his team as they did not anticipate the aiming skills of said team and Matt.
Bigby was the only one who survived the charge, He was about to receive a bullet to the head, when out of no where: S.S.I troops started to storm the area along with P.T.F dropping in. why they where here is unknown.
but this distraction was enough for Bigby to sweep Matt of his feet, the rest of his men would have helped but they were trying to keep S.S.I troops off there postion. He then got up grabbed his machete and started to swing at the fallen Matt.
Matt was backing up as fast as he could, he got backed up against one of the large rocks, he kicked Bigby in the face. Matt got up and managed to get the Machete out of Bigby’s hand to even the playing the flied.
Bigby threw the first punch and he missed.
Matt kneed him, then followed it up with a head butt.
Bigby stumbled back a little, but then charged back and started throwing punch’s like a mad man. Most of the punch’s end up landing and again makes Matt land on his back. He then went over grabbed a pistol that was dropped as Matt was worn out from all the punches.
“Well mister Whited Eyed Devil, looks like your going to become a legend like that brick called The Face-Breaker (chuckles.) tell the actual Devil I said hello!”
Sadly, Bigby missed that Matt had picked up his machete and got a little to close as with all his strength and rage, he swigged at Bigby’s left arm cleaving it off.
Bigby fell to the ground in pain.
Matt got up and was about to deal the final blow, but The S.S.I were starting to make a push so his ride came to get him out of there. So he Went over to Bigby, picked him up pressed against the large rock and Said:
“The Devil is a Lie, I am The truth, Bitch!”
Then tossed him aside and made a run for his pick up.
The six men he had left, managed to get him and get out of that warzone.
After that, Bigby was pissed, pissed that he lost his arm witch had been replaced with a mechanical one, pissed over the death of the men he was starting to converse with, lucky Willow, Murdock and Leroy weren’t in those causalities. And he was most of all pissed off that The U.S.F were going on the defensive from now on and were starting to get all chummy with The P.S.F. He would have been fine with that, if they hadn’t told him to kill their best operative a week before. So he left, A decision he later regretted, he was not alone in his leaving as Willow, Murdock and Leroy joined him as most of the team was killed and would most likely be re-assigned to different groups so they left and sense that day they done mercenary work.

Personality: He’s rude, but in the comedic sense. Tends to keep a distance with most people, and as you can tell from reading this bio, he has a short temper.

Trivia: He has one of the few type-11 arm replacement’s, what this means is that his left arm is incredibly durable, an amazingly fast reaction time and can turn it 360 degrees around.
His nick name: The One Winged Owl, besides the limb bit and staying up late bit, his glasses that he got from U.S.F, have special lens that help him see at night.
He sill sleeps with a teddy bear, and is not afraid to admit it



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